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Mobile Strike Review

Created by Epic War LLC, Mobile Strike is a multiplayer online war game meshing elements of building bases and full on military combat. The game is often compared to its predecessor Game of War. If you enjoy games about army-building and attacking opponents, then this game might interest you. But is the game any good? This review tries to answer that question as I try to look at its pros and cons. First, let’s have a look at what the game really is.




Taking place in a modern war setting, players try to build and defend their base as they also take the time to launch attacks and destroy opponent bases that are nearby. Basically, the game lets you play in two types: construct and destruct. The players will have to try and juggle constructing their bases, gathering their resources, and training their troops while also trying to attack bases of enemy players. Scouting the world map lets you have a look at other players’ bases that you might want to attack.


Like any other game of this kind, resources play an essential part as you will be needing them to upgrade your buildings and research new tech, among other things.

While you can go on for a while playing it all by yourself, you will realize that this game is better off played with other people. This is, after, all an online multiplayer game. Thus, creating an alliance will be to your advantage as some of the players will be able to help you out as you progress in the game. You can also chat to your new found allies and plan out your next step in defeating your enemy.

mobile strike game review




Now that you already have an idea of what the game is all about, let us have a look at the good and the bad of this popular game.




  • If you’re one of those players who loves to build and construct stuff and loves to launch attacks on enemy players, then this is the game for you.
  • There is no unnecessary violence in the game. While most games add gratuitous blood and gore, this game veers away from that so this a plus side if you have an aversion to too much violence.
  • Teamwork and group dynamics. Since this is a multiplayer game which makes you join an alliance, you get to experience the beauty of teamwork and what’s it like to play if you cooperate with other players in your alliance.
  • This is a game of strategy, so if you like getting the upper hand over your opponents you are going to enjoy this game.
  • If you want to play the game like a boss then always use mobile strike cheats and defeat the enemy.




  • Battery life. Like most games, Mobile Strike easily drains the battery out of your smartphone or your tablet. If you don’t have the patience to keep charging your preferred device, then stay out of this game.
  • While the game can be addicting, it also takes away the fun as it is very frustrating and stressful. If you really get sucked in the game, you will end up spending long hours trying to build, research, train, and trade, etc. Looks and sounds fun at first, but it actually becomes tedious and exhausting as you try to become competitive.
  • It gets really expensive. If you want to be the top player of the game, you are going to have to spend a lot of cash and probably drain out your credit card. However, there will always be players who are willing to spend more, so it’s never going to end well money-wise if you keep competing with these players. This game’s target market is clearly for people who have money.
  • Addiction and self-control. This is very important. If you are struggling with these along with being compulsive and easily succumbing to pressure, then I advise that you never play this game. From the time you open the game, you are going to be literally bombarded with various offers and ads so that you can buy your progress in the game. If you join an alliance, it’s unavoidable that you will feel pressured to have your account progress faster for the alliance to become powerful. From time to time, the game releases new features and power boosts for you to buy so you can progress easily. If you are the kind of player who’s willing to spend without thinking just so you can be competitive, then I suggest you steer clear from this game.
  • It becomes so annoying. Aside from the never-ending in-app ads to lure you, the game also throws so much on your screen like icons, timers, or notifications. This is generally the bad side of every game that is free for you to play.
  • The storyline is pretty redundant. You’ve played games like this before, but instead of getting engaged, you actually feel tired from doing the same thing over and over.
  • Too complex and confusing. The game gets so complicated that you actually have a hard time figuring out what to do next.
  • The graphics and interface are horrendous. You are not going to enjoy this game if you’re looking for great quality visuals.
  • The game lags a lot and has too many glitches. You’re going to lose patience fast because you are going to encounter a lot these kinds of problems.


Well, based on the number of cons I’ve written, it’s pretty obvious what my conclusion of the game is.  The game might lure some gamers in,  but for me, this is just another case of the evil side of games that are supposedly free to play. The fact that you need to spend a lot of money for you to play this game nullifies the “free-to-play” concept the developers advertised. Like I said earlier, this game is going to cost you a fortune if you really want to be competitive. The money you spend here is not worth it. So is your time. To sum it all up, this game is pretty bad. Definitely a game that I will not recommend.