Mobile Strike for Beginners

Developed by Epic War LLC, Mobile Strike is a very popular and free multiplayer online war game combining the elements of building bases and all out military combat.

Your goal here is to create and defend your base and also to decimate your opponents’ bases. Basically, all you need to do is construct and destruct.


To help you advance in the game quickly, this guide was made specifically for you. But before we go to the game proper, you need to know these things first.


mobile strike beginners guide



Like every virtual game, resources are very essential. You will be needing them when you build your base and other important buildings in the game .Without them, you will never be able to do a single task.

Here’s a list of the buildings and resources to help you expand your base. You can also use mobile strike hack to gain more exposure towards game.



*Banks – They produce coins for your base and helps increase the speed when training your troops. If you upgrade the bank, coin production increases per hour and also increases your base’s coin capacity.


*Hospitals – Hospitals are important for treating your troops after being injured from defending your base. Upgrade your hospital so you can treat more troops.


*Farms – These buildings produce food for your base. Upgrading them produces more food and increased capacity.


*Oil Wells – These generate oil which you use when you want to upgrade your buildings. Upgrading them will produce more oil per hour.


*Quarry – These produce stones to help you upgrade your buildings. Like the other buildings, you can also upgrade them to produce more.


*Iron Mine – Iron mines generate iron for your base, troops and for research. Iron capacity and production also increases when you upgrade them.


*Radar Stations – These provide you with intelligence and information about enemies trying to attack your base. They also inform you about resources you’ll be getting from your allies.


*Armory – The armory is for manufacturing weapons and equipment for the Commander. You can combine materials and mods in the armory to create reliable and high-quality equipment. Manufacturing time of the equipment is reduced when the armory is upgraded.


*Traps – Traps come in various kinds. Build them so you can defend your base from your opponents’ attacks.


*Training Grounds – As the name implies, these are used to train your troops. You can upgrade grounds as well to increase your troops’ capacity.


*Research Facility – Used for research, this building is an important part of the game as it gives you access to various improvements for your base.


*Gold Mine – The gold mine produces free gold for the base and you can only get this if you link it to your Facebook account.



That’s about it for the buildings and resources. Now follow these steps so you can start playing the game.


1.) Creating your account

As with almost every game, you need to create an account so you can save your progress and can easily switch devices. You can do this by clicking on the ‘EW account’ which you can find in the bottom-right corner of the page. Just key in your E-mail address together with your password and you are ready to go.


2.) Tutorial

Most players skip tutorials, but it is advised that you complete this so you have a better understanding of the game which could get very complicated due to its varying features.


3.) Changing your name

You can change your name anytime you want but you will have to buy a ‘change player name’ item from the alliance store. You can find it when you tap on the items button found at the base of the page. Under items, you will then find the ‘special’ button which consists of the ‘change player name’ option. You can then key in the name you want for the game.


4.) Constructing building

Build your buildings on empty spaces and upgrade them as much as you can. It is a great advantage if you first build resource-producing buildings outside the base’s gate. Create more training grounds, hospitals, and banks so you can train more troop, treat more wounded troops and have more coins. Just continue constructing to produce more resources.


5.)Base Upgrade

Fortify your wall, increase your research and food production by always paying attention to in-game requests. Opponents will attack anytime once the 24-hour protection is up at the beginning of the game. Upgrade everything as much as you can for better defenses



6.) The Commander

The commander gets skill points and levels up during the course of the game. You can use the skill points to upgrade the commander’s abilities.


7.) Alliance

There are several advantages if you join an alliance. Joining an alliance improves camaraderie among players and also provides you with more help in the game. You can give and ask assistance from your allies which could boost the speed of your construction, troop-treatment, and research without having to spend cash.

8.) VIP

Log in to the game daily so you can get VIP points which you can convert to cash to reach various levels. Each of these levels has its own benefits.

Activate your VIP status by clicking on the VIP button at the top of the screen.


9.) Supply Crates

In your base, try and check for the blue supply crate on the lower left side of the page and click on it if you see that it’s moving. You can find several rewards by playing this game. You can’t open the crate if you see a timer under it. If you open more crates, the more chances you’ll get rewards.


10.) Missions

Always take the time to participate in the daily alliance and VIP missions. Tap on the Missions button and choose the mission you want to play. You can boost up the speed of your missions if you don’t have qualms about spending some of the gold you have.


11.) Challenges

Complete challenges for you to win various prizes. These challenges can be found at the middle right side of the page. For beginners, it is important for you to play the Basic and the Extreme Challenges. You can get gold, speed ups, and other rewards if you play on these challenges.


And that’s it! Now go and start defending your base!

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